Thursday, May 19, 2011

NSA: Operating Systems Security

Lifehacker ran a short article today on securing your computer. It turns out that the NSA has published their guides to securing various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris.

Check out the links below.

NSA: Operating Systems Security

Lifehacker: Lock Down Your Computer Like the NSA

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Google IO - final afternoon

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Google IO - Introducing In-App Payments for the Web

Session video coming to Youtube within 24 hours.
People don't just pay for the goods, but for the experience.
Paying with moneys well as their time.
Prevent developers from worrying about certain concern ie risk management, etc. See photo.
Demo from pop cap (plants vs zombies). 75% repeat purchasers.
API call is java script, so doesn't necessarily require button, can be triggered by other events.
Emphasis on security measures taken to protect against firebug.

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Markus wins an ADK kit!

He did a hell of a lot better than I did!  And the Google ADK kit looks awesome!  Pics after the break.

Google IO - Cloud Robotics

Most power consumption is from computers, not motors. Remove one of the two computers and double the battery life.
Used kinnect to fly around small helicopters.
Turtlebot platform similar to Google street car mapping technology. Lets you map and search your house?!? Scary..."did you leave the bedroom door open again honey?"
"3d printers"
Connect Android devices with Robots. Because android devices typically have wireless connectivity, they also serve as the robot's bridge to the cloud, which reduces the robot's processing needs, power needs, and cost.

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Google IO - Day 2 - Morning

Keynote is starting off all about Chrome this morning.
160 million users relying on Chrome as their primary browser.
One year ago, chrome 4, Windows only. Made the switch to 6 week release schedule. Over 8 versions of Chrome in the last year alone.
Quick highlights:
Canvas 2d
Chrome webstore:
2x more time spent per app installed from webstore.
2.5x more purchases.
Charging users in-context, without interruption.
1 click to make purchase, 1 click to return to content.
Single line of code for implementation.
Fees: we wanted to keep it simple. [Google] will charge a flat rate of 5%.
Angry birds, on web platform.
Built using webgl, also supports canvas.
Uses local storage for offline: "So you can play the complete game online."
"A special treat, only for the users of Chrome":  New levels with Chrome blocks. Bringing Mighty Eagle to Chrome platform.
"Let's pop some pigs"
Interactive music videos: Three dreams of black
Models: bear to horse, buffalo to tarantula
Talk's transition to Chrome OS:
Better over time instead of degrading over time as per traditional machines.
File exchange APIs.
Offline access already here for many apps. Coming this summer to gmail, Google docs and Google calendar.
New Chromebooks: Samsung (larger,  12"? screen) and Acer (11" screen).
Partnered with citrix and VMWare to make traditional applications available. "Desktop visualization".
Working on a Chrome box.
IT administers can centrally manage all machines, add content, update, etc. Centralized web console.
Software + hardware for $28 per month per user. $20 for education and government.
Available June 15.
Free Chromebook for every Google IO attendee!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Google IO - After Hours - 3

Page 3 of After Hours party pics - after the break.

Google IO - After hours - 2

Page 2 of After Hours party pics after the break.

Google IO - After Hours - 1

Page 1 of After Hours party pics after the break.

Google IO - What is NFC?

Lots of people know what nfc is, but few developers have integated it into their apps.

"Physical action, virtual reaction".

Some talk about contact info stickers and comparison to QR tags.

Sticky notes demo app allows phones to leave easter eggs for each other.

"worm hole" - video chat with another device anywhere by touching your device to a NFC spot.

Fruit ninja, hand-off to bluetooth connection for multiplayer.

Icecream sandwich release features.

Hand off nexus s movie to tablet viewing.

Application sharing. One phone is running fruit ninja, touch another phone to it and the new phone will open fruit ninja's page in the market.

More emphasis on NFC plus bluetooth.

Tags can be rewritable or read-only.


Passports, transit, etc.

Enable program dispatch

PRIVACY: NFC is not RFID, it does not work at a range of meters. It only works when the screen is on. 3rd party program s should use NFC in the foreground. SECURITY: If the data is sensitive, you should consider encryption.

Another note: card emulation. Intentionally left out of gingerbread. Issues surrounding platform.

Google IO photos - 3

Google IO - Map applications for desktop and mobile

If _ is done badly, then the user experience will suck.

Examples: layout - such as clutter detecting from usability.

If data representation is poor, then the user experience will be poor.

Pictures: "every public toilet in Australia" vs clustering number of public toilets vs concentration of public toilets.

Styling: 41 latitude

NYTimes 2010 census
Trulia - price reduction map (real estate)

Part 2 - changing colors
NYTimes - USA ethnicity mapping
WSJ - marathon guides
Google bicycle paths

"consider making roads white"
"Don't be afraid to take stuff off the map"
"dont hesitate to remove roads if your map has nothing to do with navigation."

Google maps API styled map wizard and

Google IO photos - 1

Google IO photos - 2